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How not to let the iron pot rust?

how to prevent that iron pan from rusting

1, after washing the iron pot, put the iron pot on the gas cooker to dry, at the same time, the shovel of fried vegetables should also be put in together, the heat of the iron pot will also dry the shovel, so as to prevent the iron pot from rusting, and the effect is very good.
2. If there is an iron pot that has not been used for a long time, we can put some oil or fried pork, pig skin and other things on the iron pot, then wash the pot with soft rag or luffa silk, and then hang the iron pot in a cool and ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.
3. Try not to cook in an iron pot or boil water. If you have to use it, touch some oil on the pan after using it.
4, the pot shovel should not use too hard, but also to avoid steel ball and other hard things to brush the pot.

Daily iron pot maintenance method

1. Many people know that a little oil is to be put before the new pot is used, and the pan is shaken to ensure that the surface of the pot is stained with oil. It is then placed for a half-day or even a day to start to stir-fry the dish. The purpose of this is to form a protective film on the surface of the iron pan to isolate the iron and air from the iron pan and to prevent the generation of rust.
2. Wash the food residue with a rag after cleaning the iron pot in time. Some charred starch residues stick to the iron pot and are difficult to clean off, so we can soak for about 20 minutes before scrubbing, which is much easier. The purpose of this is to maintain hygiene and wash away food residues without rusting the iron pot.
3. After washing the iron pot, we should dry or dry the water stains on the surface of the iron pot with a dry rag to ensure that the surface of the iron pot is dry. If there is water on the surface of the iron pot, even a little bit, it will leave a small piece of rust. So it is very important to make sure the surface of the iron pot is dry.
4. After the iron pan is washed and dried, the iron pan should be hung up or buckled on the stove, so that even the moisture will not stay on the surface of the iron pot. If it follow that kitchen table, it is damp to wet the iron pot or wet the iron pan when the kitchen uses water, the moisture will stay at the bottom of the pot, and after a few hours, there will be rust.
5. The final step of the maintenance of the iron pan is to keep the kitchen ventilation, open the window of the kitchen or ensure that there is a ventilation opening, so that in the case of air convection, the water vapor will not be retained in the iron pan, and the iron pot rust can not be formed.

The way to get rid of rust.

1. If the iron pot has a slight rust, then vinegar can be used to wash.
2. First scrub the rust on the iron pot with nylon silk ball or luffa essence.
3, boil the rice water, then wipe the iron pot repeatedly with the dishcloth, put it warm after the ceasefire, and finally wash it with clean water.