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How to remove oil scale from frying pan

1, if there is abandoned cooking oil at home, such as the waste oil after fried fish, you can pour the iron pot on the fierce fire and dry it, until the iron pot is about to turn red after the black smoke is about to turn red, the waste oil will burn up, burn up, pour it two or three times, splash it two or three times, then cease fire, knock on the iron pot with a spatula and other things (you don't need to push much), and that oil scale will fall off. (the oil will burn up, burn, pour two or three times.
The thick and sticky bottom of the oil dirt can also be cut with a knife. The common cutting tools such as a kitchen knife can be used for descaling, but the tools are not easy to grasp, the pot is easy to be hurt, and the operation is labor-consuming, and the peeling knife is recommended to be used for scraping, the effect is good, and the operation is easy. It is also possible to scrub the oil scale with hot soapy water and steel wire ball for rough iron pan and coarse sand pan, but it is easy to cause the bottom of the iron pan to rust after it is washed clean, so it is better to apply oil layer protection after cleaning. The other pot is not recommended to be wiped with steel wire, it is easy to scratch the bottom of the pan and form a scratch, resulting in more oil dirt accumulated in the scratch.

2, casserole, enamel pan or stainless steel pan of the pan bottom oil scale, can use white vinegar bubble soft pan bottom oil scale, if consider reducing the amount of coarse, you can apply vinegar on the oil scale, dry again, more than a few times. Soak enough after an hour, looking for corncob such as soft and hard moderate things, a little effort to wipe, often can completely remove the grease. If not thoroughly, may be the inner layer bubble is not enough, wipe off a part, and then apply vinegar bubble after a while to continue scrubbing.

3, aluminum pot is not corrosion resistant, hardness is not high, easy to scratch, therefore, can be soaked in strong hot soapy water for more than 1 hour, and then scrubbed with coarse cloth.
In the case of a casserole, a stainless steel pot or a porcelain pot, it is also possible to clean the pan bottom oil dirt with a toilet cleaning agent, and the effect is very good. Go to the oil scale at the bottom of the pan and clean the toilet, then let it stand for an hour or so, and get the tap to flush it and then OK.

If there is dried bamboo shoot at home, you can first use one or two catties of dried bamboo shoot (equivalent to bubble hair and rinse dried bamboo shoot), then remove the bamboo shoot, put the bottom of the aluminum pot into the waste water after cooking bamboo shoot and soak it, usually in about 15 minutes, the aluminum pot will be as clean as new. For stubborn grease, you can cook for a while and wipe it with tools such as rags.