Cleaning of iron, aluminum kitchen small method

1, how to clean the metal kitchen utensils?
The first contains iron, shovel, knife, the key issue is rust and antirust. Each with a wok fried dish, brush pot of oil brush, wipe, reoccupy dishcloth will not rust. If cooking paste pot, use the brush off, to sprinkle salt slightly fried, then brush, easy to clean the pot. If the finished fried dishes after washing the pot, must be clean after dry cloth, or click on the fire, put the residue in the pot boil dry, prevent iron rust. The shovel, knife after use, the surface coated with a layer of oil or with ginger dry, can prevent rust. If iron is to rust, can scrub with potatoes, rust will soon eliminate.

2, how to clean 
 Aluminum Item ?
Aluminum pot, aluminum pot, aluminum pot use after a period of time will be black. The banana peel, apple fruit skin on the aluminum products, add water to boil, acid and aluminum oxide layer is the skin of the fruit of the attack effect, and then rinse with water, can be bright as new. Do not use wire ball hard brush aluminum products.

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